June 21, 2017 Denali Highway, pot holes and the National Park

We left our RV park with all the “amenities” by 7:30am. We are headed to Denali National Park today and to get there we are taking the Denali Highway. The Denali Highway is 85% gravel and 15% concrete and opens mid May or when the snow leaves. This is the scenic route and due to the road you are to go only 30 miles an hour for the whole 120 mile road. We are up for it because when are we going to do this again? Hoping to see some beautiful sights and hopefully a bit of wild life.
The gas stations are now becoming less frequent so we stop at one of the two that are available until we finish the Denali Highway. Nice little stop. One lady working there in the shop that was built in 1902. The back of the store was a little museum about the lady who lived there since her birth in 1902. They had so many neat little nick-knacks and mementos from her life as well as the moccasins that she would make and bead, a caribou head mounted on the wall and lots of items from the surrounding area. Nice stop and fun to chat a little with her. She said she was sad that it was the solstice because then the days begin to shorten again. On December 21st they get about 3 hours of twilight before it is totally dark again and its 40 below. Not my kinda place to live at all. Scott laughs at me at how much light I always want. When we renovated our kitchen I was all for more light 🙂DSC_0335
We made it to the turn off to the highway and started in. Really just lovely from the very beginning. We stopped at an overlook right away to take in a vista that was stunning. You could see for miles! The Alaska range curved in front of us with lakes and tundra below.
The roads were really not that bad for the first half of the drive. There was some construction that we had to stop for a few times. I did spot a cow moose on the hillside and it ended up coming closer to the road and we were able to get some great pictures of her! The really neat thing about this highway was that we only saw a hand full of other cars. It felt like we were the only ones on earth much of the time.

The fun came about half way thru our 120 mile trip when the pot holes started. Whew…those are some pot holes and there were soooo many!!! It felt like a real life video game dogging in and out trying to miss these small craters in the road. We must have looked hilarious…a big bread box bobbin and weavin all over the road. We were lucky to be going 25 miles and hour thru this area. At times the road would improve and Scott would get up to 35 miles and hour and it felt like we were risking it…living on the wild side 🙂
We made a stop at Alpine Creek Lodge because Scott and Dad needed a rest from all the defensive driving and because their ad in the MilePost said that they always offer free coffee 🙂 Like Ben says “you can’t keep a person from their coffee” when the girls said they are not wanting to stop. We park in the lower lot and head up the driveway to the lodge. Its a big log building and inside we are greeted by the owner and the kitchen cook. We looked around and had a cup of coffee then headed out onto the deck to take in the sweeping views. Wow! They even had a little glassed in area for a game of ping pong in inclement weather…outside of that they had a Seahawks Adirondack chair (good people 🙂 ). We still had at least 2/3rds of the highway to conquer. The roads continued to be bad for about 10 more miles but got increasingly better as we went on. We enjoyed lunch at one of the many turn outs along the road. The really neat thing about this highway is not only the views, the quiet and the immensity of the area but the fact that you can just pull off anywhere and camp…for free.

You are allowed to pull off on any BLM Land and stay. Such freedom. There were groups of 4wheelers at sites along one of the lakes or rivers here and there. There are so many lakes its crazy! If you ever get the chance to drive this highway you should plan to stay a night here…just bring bug spray 🙂


Ben practicing with the nun chucks he and Ellie bought

By the time we hit pavement it was a welcome feeling. Dad and Scotts arms were tired from all the shaking! The next 30 miles were a breeze as we made our way to our camp ground in the National Park. The Riley Creek campground is the first government one in the park. We stopped for a quick picture by the Denali Sign then found our sites after checking in at registration. DSC_0409We ended up being able to find two just across from one another which was great. The sun was out and it was over 70 degrees! I feel like that is a huge blessing because I had been following the weather before we left and it didn’t look very nice. We feel so blessed! We made dinner and a fire and the girls made up a fun hoola hoop show for us.
Tomorrow we are planning on checking out the visitors center and then catching one of the Denali buses into the park at 5pm. The only way you can go into the park (past the 15 mile post) is to pay to ride one of the buses to certain stops or pay to take a tour bus into the park which is a bit more but narrated. Our ride only goes 53.5 miles into the park out of the 92 mile road and it will take us 6.5 hours to complete the bus ride. We are hoping to see lots of wild life. They say that because they do it this way it stays way more wild.


June 20, 2017 Gizzly bear, Frost heaves and Alaska!

We woke to some pretty sunny skies with a few clouds here and there. On the road early to see some animals…I hope…and to drive quite a bit and make it to Alaska.
Lovely sights all around with Lake Kulane and the surrounding mountains.DSC_0241 Forests forever and no one else on the road. It has been really nice driving and really not feeling pushed along by other drivers or stuck behind someone going really slowly.
Finally about an hour in we saw a good size grizzly bear on the side of the road eating breakfast!DSC_0258 We turned around and headed back to get some pictures. They are so cute you wouldn’t think they are such powerful animals that can kill. I got lots of pictures and then we carried on.

We made a quick stop for a fill up then headed toward the border. We stopped at the Alaska sign and took pictures at the international line.

It was crazy how you could see a trail blazed all the way along the line separating the US and Canada. No problem getting through the border at all and we were on our way.We didn’t stop until Tok Alaska where we visited the visitors center and the gas station and then the grocery store. Tok is not big at all but their grocery store was very well stocked and not too high priced.

We picked up some more things for our next five to six days. We will be heading into Denali National Park for the next four then headed toward Anchorage for the next two after that. It has been tricky to find Wi-Fi and be able to update our travels. This explains one day with 5 new posts 🙂
We got out of Tok and made the long 120 miles to Gukona AK. The road to the border was pretty bad with lots of frost heaves and filled in pot holes. I never was familiar with what a frost heave was until this trip. Basically the ground under the road was gets permafrost then the soil warms then refreezes which causes the soil to turn to mush apparently. This makes the road have huge humps in it like one giant roller coaster. The road maintenance on this highway is a forever task with many engineers trying to find a solution to this reoccurring problem. There are research huts along the highway where they are trying new ideas to see if they can solve this issue. The road from Tok to Gukona was AWFUL!!! It was one huge bump after another.


These bump look small but they pack a punch!!!

I lost my stomach on a few of them 🙂 Mom and Dad said it was pretty funny to watch us going up and down and side to side!
Once our frost heave ride was over we turned into the RV park that we decided to go to….basically for showers, water, laundry and Wi-Fi. Well….diving in we were all questioning our decision but really there is nothing else around here.
The lady was nice and they had what we needed but lets just say it left much to be desired 🙂
Mom and I got to work on laundry and we all got a shower in. I uploaded a TON of blog stuff and the kids had fun playing on the playground that is here. All in all a good stop after a LONG day of driving!
Tomorrow we will make it to Denali and we are excited to see lots of wildlife!


June 19, 2017 Rainy day, grocery stop and we lost Mom and Dad

Bright an early…not so easy when you go to bed well after 11pm. Scott and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and quite time before packing up and getting things ready to go. We all rolled out of camp by 7:15am and were headed to Whitehorse to get gas and groceries. The day was cool and overcast, nothing like yesterday. I did look at the weather for Destruction Bay and it shows rainy cool weather with sunset at 12:01am! Good thing I ordered sleeping masks for this trip 🙂 It is so odd to read by outside light at 11pm at night! It is fairly obvious that we need dusk and dark for our bodies to slow down and recognize the need for rest.
I can’t believe it but we saw zero animals! We were up early and everything! Whitehorse is a pretty big place. It is now the capital of the Yukon. More than two thirds of the population of Yukon live in the city! The populations is about 27,000 people. We found gas then headed to McDonalds for some free Wi-Fi to catch up on things a bit. It is strange to be outside of cell service. It feels a bit panicky and a bit freeing all at once. Next off to Walmart which was really picked over and slowwwww service. We then headed to The Canadian Superstore. That is a fun place! They had tons of groceries, clothing, outdoor furniture. It was neat to look around and get a few needed items.
We are still 150 miles from our stop so after our fill up and shopping we were on the road again. Another pretty straight stretch. We actually did see a bear run across the road at one point but he disappeared into the forest quickly so we didn’t get a chance to see him close up.DSC_0193
We stopped for lunch and Mom and Dad decided to keep on going up the road. We are making our way to Destruction Bay but we had not decided if we were going to stay at the RV park or the Yukon Government campground yet. The rain was starting to come down strong and it was pretty much just gross…much different than our 68 degree day yesterday 🙂
No sign of Mom and Dad by the time that we made it to our first option so we stopped in and checked out the RV park. Not there, I went inside and told the lady we were waiting on my parents but that that they may have gone up the road to the Yukon park. It was pretty pricy to stay there so we thought we would probably go to the Yukon park anyway. At the next stop still no sign of them but we decided better to just stay there and they would eventually show up…
The attitude was low amongst all of us…yucky weather, we all really wanted/needed showers, our water was low and now we lost our traveling buddies. We set up camp and got some tea ready and then Mom and Dad showed up. They had over shot the camp and headed all the way into Destruction Bay. They would have just stayed there but they knew I would worry (no cell service in the area to relay any messages) so they came back and stayed with us. On the way back to us they even were able to see a mama grizzly and two cubs right on the shoulder of the road! I am glad they did! Yes, I would have worried but we really did have a great evening.

The skies cleared out and we walked along the lake shore finding a rainbow of colored rocks. The wind was chilly but the surrounding mountains and the blue green water of Lake Kulane was breath taking! Dad and Ben found so many skipper rocks and had them going 12 and 14 skips!

Back at camp we had dinner and a big fire in the fire pit. We were smarter this evening and watched the clock 🙂

Got to bed just after nine and it was like it was two in the afternoon! So weird!

Tomorrow we are headed out early and are going to make it into Alaska by the end of our travel day. This trip has been amazing so far and we love all the beauty we have been surrounded with.


June 18, 2017 Fathers Day, home made sign and losing track of time

woke to some beautiful sunshine, yay! So far so good for this father’s day. Dad and Mom met us at our place and we headed out. Right off the bat we saw bison, then some bears. We are still waiting to see a male moose with antlers. The road wound through the Canadian Rockies and we had some spectacular views! Mile after mile with an abundance of evergreen trees of all shapes and sizes. My favorite ones are the slender, tall, dark emerald green ones that look like the little fake ones I put lights on at our house at Christmas.

We made a couple of pit stops to stretch then made a longer stop in at Watson Lake to check out the signpost forest. During the construction of the Alaska Highway (1942) the Army Core of Engineers would put sign posts that had distances to different places in the Yukon, the US and other places around the world.

One homesick soldier added his hometown sign to the post at the intersection of the Alaska Highway and the road to the Watson Lake Airport. This started a tradition that has continued to this day when people add their own signs to the growing “forest” of sign posts and trees. It is crazy how many signs there are and from all over the world! People are pretty creative too! We saw gold pans, legit looking streets signs with a photo of the travelers, carved signs, cookie sheets that had been punctured with a nail to spell out a message, Dutch clogs, a huge black pot, real Highway signs (I bet there are some unhappy cities that had to replace those!) a toilet seat and a baby potty!! People are funny! We found a dollar store plastic plate in our RV and made our own sign. It was fun to walk around and check it all out. We left Watson lake and found a nice turn out on the river to enjoy our lunch. Down by the shore there was about 30 Monarch butterflies…don’t worry, I didn’t step on them 🙂 We also saw a mama woodpecker going in and out of a hole in a tree to feed her little chirping babies. Our final stop for the day is Teslin Lake Government Campground. On the road again we did not come across any more wildlife. I think early is best for that. The campground was awesome! We did not get a site overlooking the lake but we did get a double site so we could park right together. The sunshine was still out and not a cloud in the sky. The kids played fliers up Scott and Dad for awhile after we set up camp.

We all walked down to the lake shore and enjoyed skipping rocks and a relaxing stroll. The lake was so big and beautiful! Very clear water and surrounded by trees with the mountains in the background. The day could not be more perfect!

Back at camp we got dinner started while Ben chopped firewood. It was so nice that they give you free firewood here. The crazy thing is that it says that the firewood is protected by an anti theft flake system. I have no idea how this is possible. It was great to have as much as we needed and enjoy time around the fire. Dad and Scott got a few little gifts and we sat and talked for a long time.

We were all just chatting and the girls were blowing bubbles and then I wondered what time it was. Mom looks at her watch and says 10:40pm!!! What?!? If you know me you know I am not a night owl by any stretch of the imagination! It is crazy the further north we get the lighter it stays for longer.

We quickly broke down camp and got to bed. We are planning an early take off tomorrow to try to more wild life and get to camp by 3pm. Headed to Destruction Bay tomorrow.

June 17, 2017 Cinnamon Buns, Sheep and hot springs!

We decided to get an early start on the day to try to make it to the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park and get a space. We have had absolutely no problems so far but this is a Saturday and one of the only hot springs in northern B.C.
We rolled out about 7:30am and we had our eyes peeled for animals. We figured that we are on the road early so that gives us a hand up in seeing some.
Beautiful sunny day so far but we have noticed that the weather is a bit unstable and can go from sunshine to rain pretty quickly! The road today is winding through the Rockies on our way to Liard. Referring to our Mile Post book we saw that there was a stop about 75 miles away that has the best cinnamon buns around. Sounded like we must stop and be sure they are in fact the best cinnamon buns 🙂 We arrived at 8:30am and headed inside. The door was accidentally left open and the owner immediately asked us ” Do you mind closing the door it is not even 3 degrees outside” Now you know that tone makes all the difference in how a request is taken. Well her tone said “Close the door you animals” I think we may have caught her on a bad day …no worries, we are here for the buns. We looked around her shop then ordered a cinnamon bun and headed out to the RV. It really was quite yummy and warmed up so we were happy we stopped despite the reception we received.
Continuing on the road we saw beautiful scenery and we even were able to see some Stone Sheep on the side of the road. They look a lot like Mountain goats but smaller. The sheep were licking the road and we later learned that they were actually licking the salt off of the road. We even saw a mamma and baby Stone sheep. It was pretty cute! I spotted a couple of bears on the side of a hill and we even came upon a giant buffalo. We really are wanting to see a big male moose but no luck today.

Gas stop at Toad Lake at a little place that claimed to have over 10,000 hats. Well, you make a claim like that and we have to see it 🙂 Yup, there were at least 10,000 baseball caps tacked to the ceiling and from the looks of it they have not been dusted since they were put up there. It was fun to see but I am not so fond of the massive amounts of dust hanging off of them…over the tables where they serve you food. Hmmm….well, its gets people to stop and check it out 🙂 They know what to do.

We did get some gas there as well and then headed out. Off to Muncho lake to see if Ben could try fishing a bit and we could enjoy lunch then head to Liard.

The rain rolled in just about the time we were stopping at the lake. Mom and Dad decided to keep going to Liard while we stopped and let Ben and Scott fish a bit. It was windy and cool and the fishing was just that…fishing. No worries, fun anyway. We had a little lunch then started off for Liard. The road has some construction that slowed us down and we made it to Liard about 1:30. Just in time to have the very last spot….taken by the RV that passed us on the road just before the RV park. UGH! Seriously???? On bummer, Mom and Dad were here but couldn’t save a spot for us. We were told of a “Lodge” just outside the park that had RV spaces. We made our way there and let’s just say I was wanting to pay with cash…not sure I trusted using a credit card. Maybe being paranoid but just how we felt. We drove back to the hot springs parking lot and decided to park there and go to the hot springs. We got all changed and Ben realized he packed the swim trunks that had lost a button. No worries, my sewing kit came in handy and I stitched them up. He put them on and realized that he had grown since the last time he had worn them. They were basically skin tight! It was pretty hysterical and also a big bummer that he didn’t pack the ones I had just bought him…that fit. He claims he grabbed the stuff that was on the top 🙂 Oh boy. The hot springs were so amazing. There was a long board walk to get to them that you wound though a marshy landscape then into the trees. It was lovely! The spring itself is in its natural setting with dirt and lush plants right up to the side.

We loved it! We had only been to one hot spring that they piped the water into two big pools, this was so much more beautiful. There were various stages of warmth. One area they say could reach temperatures up to 53 degrees Celsius (that is somewhere around 138 degrees Fahrenheit) Where the hot water entered the pools it was so hot it was almost unbearable to get too close. They had a lower section that was cooler and where we hung out the majority of the time. After a good long soak we headed back to the RV to change and then head to Mom and Dad’s for a dinner of burgers and potatoes.

The weather kept of shifting between sun and clouds with rain drops. We enjoyed a meal and the kids played a made up spelling bee game that was pretty fun to watch. This campground is really nice and the spots were fairly private. It is obviously a very popular place to stay. It was only $26 Canadian and that included being able to go in the hot spring as much as you wanted. We all decided to go once again to the hot springs (we were actually pretty chilly from our outdoor dinner) and headed there for another hour or so. Once we were all back in the RV we headed out to our spot and watched a movie to end the evening. We are planning a little earlier departure time tomorrow to try to see some wild life and get to Teslin Lake a little early. I am hoping for some great weather and a nice campground for father’s day. We figured that Scott has had father’s day on the road each year since 2012….not bad 🙂 I am excited to be able to see my dad and spend time with him this year. I can’t remember the last time I was able to spend father’s day with him.


June 16, 2017 Curved bridge, crunched butterfly and museum finds

Slept awesome with all the rushing water sounds just outside our RV. I love that we had such beauty and there was no one around. We enjoyed the quiet of the morning with a cup of coffee. We are headed north to Fort Nelson today. Woke the kids up at 8am to get our travels underway. It is fun to eat on the road, toast, eggs and hash browns always taste better 🙂
The rain was pouring down all night so it was pretty wet outside but the crisp air felt fresh. We have had really mild weather which has been nice. Usually it seems to top out in the upper 60’s which is good when you have mosquitoes around. It would be hard to be hot and have to wear all long sleeves and pants to protect yourself.
Upon leaving our campsite we came upon the Kitkatsinaw bridge.

This is the only bridge that was built on the original Alaska highway that is still in use. It is a beautiful curved wooden bridge.
The drive to Fort Nelson is one that is long and straight. Hoping to see some wildlife at least. The road to Alaska is actually celebrating its 75 year anniversary this year. I have read numerous articles about the creation of the highway and it is absolutely fascinating. The highway was actually started right after the attack of Pearl Harbor as a military necessity as a supply road to defend North America against the Japanese. It was begun on March 8, 1942 and completed on October 25, 1942. That was only 8 months! The stories of the grueling work, the dangerous conditions and the people who worked around the clock are amazing. The original highway was bulldozed dirt roads that had 90 degree turns and 25 percent grades….that feels like you are going straight up or straight down! We saw one area that was called suicide hill and the sign posted for travelers at the time said “Prepare to meet your maker” Wow…I am sure people felt no fear after reading that!! The highway was under the care and maintenance of the US Army until 1964 the Canadian Government assumed responsibility for the Alaska Highway. Over the next few decades they underwent a substantial improvement plan to fix the worst areas of the road. The highway today is much different and much easier to travel due to all their efforts. The highway was shortened by about 35 miles by mostly eliminating winding roads and avoiding residential areas. The old historical highway markers no longer match up. Some of the old road is in use, some has turned into hiking trails and some is just abandoned to deteriorate. I am thankful for all the efforts in making this a road that is safe to travel. After reading about the history it is amazing the amount of work this highway took and the lives that made it happen.
As we made our way toward Fort Nelson we had some beautiful views from the tops of hills. We kept mom and dad in our rear view mirror and continued our travels. DSC_0178We stopped for gas then decided to stop at the place that said it was good for a picnic and fishing. That sounded like a good place to stretch and eat lunch to us. We have been using our Mile Post book to make our way north. This is basically a book that explains the drive up. It is tricky to understand at first but once you get how it is written then it is quite helpful. It said this place was about 40 miles from where we were currently…sounded good to me. We drove and drove on this long straight, no wilderness in sight, road. It was dark and raining and I was ready for a stop. Here it is on the left. What , this does not look like a place to have a picnic. Hmmm….I feel like they misrepresented this stop 🙂

It is basically a tiny turn out with a giant ditch that you must make it through to get to the other side which appears to be a big overgrown road. No lake, no picnic space, just a weird turn off. Oh well…we are stopping since the next stop is not for awhile and we need a break and a wake up! The kids got out and found a pretty monarch butterfly. They took pictures of it as it rest on the ground in front of the RV. I whipped up some quick lunch and we enjoyed our food in our tipped RV while the wind picked up and the rain started to fall…lovely 🙂
I hoped out after our lunch to get some air and talk to dad. Scott came out and noticed a flat butterfly on the ground….apparently I totally stepped right on it! Oh boy, don’t tell the girls. Not two seconds later Ellie says “Mom did you see the butterfly…wait did you step on it?” Ooops…no getting out of this one. I felt bad but what am I to do? It was an accident. They were horrified, I apologized …eventually I was forgiven.
On the long straight road once again and about 50 miles from Fort Nelson. There are no provincial parks in the area so we are going to stay at an RV park. It is the only one that is listed so I am sure they are going to be expensive. The only game in town can do that!
Sure enough…$45/night for this place! At least its Canadian so we do get a 25% price break. The area was pretty nice but the facilities left much to be desired. They were trying to upgrade it a bit but it was like putting lipstick on a pig.

The RV park was right next to the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum. For a small donation we were able to see a pretty big collection of ….stuff . Lots and lots of history. Ellie was creeped out by all the taxidermy that filled one of the buildings. They even had an albino moose!

They also had one of the biggest collections vintage cars in northern B.C. and the caretaker looked to be nearly 100 years old (later found out he is 82) and he was so cute dressed in his coveralls talking about his collection. The boys had fun hearing about his cars and learning a thing or two.

He did have some pretty unique cars and apparently all them run too! Ellie and I headed back to the RV (mom and Katherine stayed at the RV and opted not to explore the museum with us) and left the boys to wander. There were some flea market vendors that we stopped at that were selling baked goods and one had handmade moccasins that were beautiful!
It was crazy at this RV park how many big rigs there were. Since this was the only RV park in the area they all were here. The back area of the park had them all lined up and it looked just like a Motor Home show. These things are huge and most are pulling a car or a trailer. Some serious cash-o-la!!
For dinner we all did our own thing using up leftovers. The girls taught grandpa to hoola hoop and were giggling nonstop during the lesson 🙂
Pretty relaxed evening talking before an early bed time. We are attempting to get to Muncho Lake for some fishing tomorrow then off to Liard River Provincial park for the hot springs. Hoping to get a couple of spots in the provincial park if we are early enough. Muncho lake it suppossed to be gorgeous. Its a 7 mile long 1 mile wide lake that is blue green and the fish are biting.
We had a good day of long driving. Hoping to actually see some wildlife tomorrow!

June 15, 2017 Bear sighting, road side camping and intersection photo op!

Slept good despite another torrential downpour in the middle of the night that woke us up. A pretty slow start with breakfast and packing up but we did get on the road by 9:30am. Headed up to Chetwynd, B.C to find a little pull out that our Craigslist friend told us about. I am not too keen on sleeping on the side of the road somewhere but he makes this place sound so great we are going to see if we can find it.
On the way out of town we immediately see a little bear! So fun, first bear sighting 🙂 I am sure we will see more and more wildlife the further north that we go. The kids are being good travelers so far but those electronics suck them in. We are doing a lot of staying at Provincial Parks so no electricity means they run out of juice and are forced to read or draw or play a game…it is nice 🙂 I am hoping that the longer they go without the more they realize how real life is way better. They are having a ton of fun when we are not driving. The rivers and lakes we have been able to enjoy are incredibly beautiful!
We stopped in Prince George for a gas fill up at Costco and some food then headed north to Chetwynd. I was able to spot one more small bear and a moose…I love that! We had a few stops at rest areas for a stretch. Coming upon Chetwynd we stopped at a turn out to chat with mom and dad and let them know we are keeping our eyes peeled for this spot. I have no idea what the deal is but this turn out has the foulest odor!!! No bathrooms here so I am assuming the many truckers and travelers have created their own here…yuck! It is amazing how many large trucks are on this highway. Logging truck after logging truck followed by huge dump trucks and trucks loaded with milled lumber. They are cruisin pretty fast too!
We are keeping our eyes open for “big parking area on left then the road is on the right that you can camp on and access the river” We are looking…looking….looking…nothing. Hmm, no sign of where it may be. We pull off in Chetwynd and we talk to mom and dad and they didn’t notice where it could be either. Plan B…on to Dawson Creek. This is the area where we can either go north on a loop or head more east to Dawson Creek. We decide on going on to Dawson Creek because they have the 0 Mile marker there. This is where the AlCAN Highway begins. I am hoping that Dawson Creek has more to offer than this but none the less we are going to check it out. It feels like we should see it…
It takes us about an hour and a half and we roll into dusty Dawson Creek. We find the mile post marker in the middle of downtown. After parking and finding mom and dad we run into this intersection (despite the girls really not wanting to) to snap a photo as total tourist 🙂 Mom and dad opt for a sidewalk shot of them 🙂20170615_171917
We decide to head north another 17 miles to stay at Kitkatinaw Provincial Park along the Kitkatinaw river. We take a little loop road which is actually a part of the original Alaska Highway. We are also going to be able to drive along the only curved wooden bridge from the original highway that is still in use today. Pulling into the park we were a bit concerned with the mosquito population since they were hovering right outside our windows but it turned out that it wasn’t too bad at all. The spot was GORGEOUS! Right on the river, lovely views and fun to try to fish and enjoy the sounds of the rushing water. 20170615_182412The kids had fun discovering the area and walking the beach between our two sites.
When we were choosing our camp sites we were looking around where mom and dad would stay and came upon a really weird site. Off to the side of the camping area there was a pair of black and white striped pants (like from a jail bird Halloween costume) with a big red blotch on them…like fake blood with a big rock above them that had charcoal writing on it that said “Laura will you marry me?” . Uh, weird and I hope she said NO , lame and creepy proposal if you ask me! We told the young park ranger about it and he got rid of it.
We started dinner right away since it was already close to 6pm. We enjoyed a great meal at our picnic table and then had a fire in our fire pit. It was a great time of chatting and enjoying our company and surroundings until that rain came rolling in. We quickly packed up our things and headed to our camps. We played a couple of games of UNO with some crazy, fired up kids and then headed to bed. I was lame with the camera today…I will do better 🙂 Thanks for reading!
Tomorrow we are headed north to Fort Nelson, B.C.