July 6, 2017 A New Axe, Lots of Bears and a Plague of Horse Flies

We have a couple of pretty long driving days ahead of us so we got moving out of the campground just before 8am. We needed to stop for gas at Lake Watson city center area and also pick up a new axe 🙂

They had a Home Center there that sells lumber and tools so it was the perfect place to buy an axe. We also had cell service so we could check email and things.
We are headed back the way we came and this means we have to stop about Fort Nelson area. The RV park on the way through Fort Nelson the first time left much to be desired. I am hoping that there is something else we can find. It seems that the closest park is before it but we prefer to go past since these two days are long . We will see.
Scott had prayed that God would just let us see some wild life on the drive because it has been pretty sparse for the last couple of weeks. Wow, did He deliver 🙂 On our 300+ driving day we saw 13 black bears, 5 stone sheep, 2 bison and 1 cute fox.DSC_1138 It was really neat to see the fox especially. It was so small and just ran behind us, then next to us and then cut across in front of us. It had a small animal it had killed in its mouth.DSC_1124
The sunshine was out and it was getting warmer! Lots of road construction which results in long, dusty gravel patches with lots of flying rocks. Our RV is soooo dirty! At lunch time it was perfect that it also coordinated with a stop at Muncho Lake. This lake is beyond beautiful. It has a similar color to Crater Lake…a deep blue green with really clear water. We pulled into the provincial park (this is where we stopped to try fishing on the way to Liard Hot Springs on the way up) and found an open campsite to use for our lunch break. I would love to spend time here if we had more time for this trip.DSC_1155 The weather was ideal at 70 degrees, no wind and such a peaceful and lovely setting. We ate lunch and the kids tried fishing. There was one fish who kept jumping just past where Ben could cast…taunting him 🙂

After lunch we hit the dusty construction road again. We pulled into Fort Nelson about 5:30pm and decided not to stay at the Triple G Hideaway RV park. There was one regional park the MilePost talked about outside of Fort Nelson but it also had a warning that it may not be suitable for large RV’s or trailers. We thought this may be an option but we weren’t sure what “big” RV means. Ours is 29 feet which seems pretty big but then you see these huge ones that are well over 40feet long and we look rather puny. We headed to the visitors center and got great Wi-Fi to upload to the blog and Scott went and got gas and filled up our water tank. The kid working at the visitors center said he had stayed at the Andy Bailey Campground and that he thought that it wouldn’t be a problem for us. We decided it was worth the chance so that we would save some money and maybe be able to have a fire outside.
The drive to the turnoff was about 15 or 20 minutes. The book said it is 6.5 miles off the road. That is far on a dirt and gravel road. The road conditions were not all that bad but man was that road long! It seriously felt like we were going and going and going. I saw zero evidence of any lake so far. Eventually there was a lake and since this had only 14 sites we were hoping our later arrival doesn’t cause us to not get a spot. Honestly, the next spot to stop without going backwards is 120 miles away. The way that they have set up this campground is a bummer. Basically two levels and each spot shares a site with another one. Site 1 and 2 are at either end of a rectangle of space, then 3 and 4 are the same and so on. This kind of arrangement lends itself to people taking both sites for themselves. With only 14 total sites we were left with two to choose from…both shady with no view of the little mushy lake that we drove 7 miles off the road to camp by. We stop at the first available site and make our way down a long trail to the lake…nothing that appealing so this site doesn’t have that pull. Its rather small and we are being swarmed by these big black flies. I am not exaggerating when I say swarmed! Ellie wouldn’t even get out of the RV because of them. Ben, Katherine and I run up to the second level of the campground to see if there are as many flies there and no joke we were being hunted! I was freaking out running and swatting! Katherine felt like she was bitten and they were pinging off of us. These flies were so big! I would say the size of 4 large house flies in one. I am pretty sure they were horse flies and they were so aggressive!!! I was nearing panic mode because there seemed to be more and more that were on attack mode and swarming us. As soon as Scott stopped the RV we jumped in as fast as possible. I don’t know why I didn’t get a video of these things…it was crazy! They were literally surrounding the RV and banging into the windows and doors! Yuck, yuck, yuck! Ben and Scott got out to go and pay our fee but took the bug spray with them. When they were back even Scott was saying we are not going outside this RV. We were prisoners by flies! Bummer since we were experiencing our first really nice sunny and hot day on this trip. I was disappointed but there were no other options for camping and there was no way I was going to head outside with our flying insect prison guards 🙂
We made the best of it with a good dinner and family games. Ben read jokes out of one of the cheesiest joke books ever which was entertaining too 🙂DSC_1176
Headed to Moberly Lake Provincial park tomorrow…hoping for a way better lake and site and less bugs for sure!


One thought on “July 6, 2017 A New Axe, Lots of Bears and a Plague of Horse Flies

  1. I like the story of the flies. To bad you didn’t have a tennis racquet with you…it would have been fun sport 🙂

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