July 9, 2017 Long Drives, Smokey Skies and a Happy Reunion!

We decided to get out of Velmount by 7am and head to Kamloops to be sure to get through the smoke area and hopefully not get redirected east.
The drive was so lovely despite the heavy layer of smoke that engulfed the area. The mountains were so pretty and the pasture lands were peaceful looking. As we neared Clearwater , BC the smoke really became thick and smelled strongly of fire.

Not too many people heading our way so traffic wasn’t bad Scott just had to keep a keen eye for people passing in the oncoming lanes. There are some very aggressive drivers.
Once we made it to Kamloops we decided we may as well just head home. We can get there and pick up Gizzy from the kennels and enjoy a campfire in our yard. We are all a little sad to end it this way but with a fire ban in BC and no clear idea on where to stay the night we are calling the trip done.

I have had a lot of fun with the kids, Scott and my parents. This could be one of our last longer trips with kids getting older and schedules getting busier. I am hoping for many more great times in this RV with these Rollin Rorvigs! Thanks for reading 🙂


3 thoughts on “July 9, 2017 Long Drives, Smokey Skies and a Happy Reunion!

  1. We have so enjoyed reading your descriptive journal entries! So glad that all went well and now you have all those wonderful memories!

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