July 7-8, 2016 Kettle Falls, Bottle Rockets and Jarts

On the road at 10am to make our way to Kettle Falls, Wa. and visit with my aunt and uncle.  This is one of our favorite stops.  We try to make it over at least every other year and spend a day or two hanging out with them.  It is always fun and good to see them.

Half way there we stopped at Zips for a milk shake and make a little lunch.  The drive was funny because our GPS has no idea that we are a 29 foot motorhome.  We were twisting and turning along all these back county roads.  It was a slow go but so very lovely.

We pulled into the drive at 1pm and had fun catching up and relaxing.  The weather was far from what we had expected for eastern Washington in July.  The clouds were heavy there was a light sprinkling of rain.

After some time of talking and relaxing we headed outside and Ben got out his bottle rockets that he bought in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He has been DYING to shoot them off.  It was okay with George (my uncle) for him to go ahead…Ben wasted no time!  Pop bottle in hand and he was in 13 year old boy heaven!

We enjoyed a nice campfire and gorged on s’mores.  The kids also had a blast setting off a big box of confetti shooter things that we had picked up at Costco and some sparklers that we had in the RV.  It was the 4th of July all over again!

This is exactly what we love about coming to visit George and Linda.  Relaxing, chatting and fun 🙂

We finally got to bed after 10pm.

We woke up to rain on the roof of the RV again…bummer.  The weather has not been doing what they say it is supposed to do.  No worries but we really wanted to head to the river today and see George drive his remote control boat.


Some great coffee…and some not so great coffee, yummy pumpkin bread, bacon and fruit and we were all satisfied.  Rainy days are a good day for games.  SkipBo and Bananagrams were a must 🙂

The skies were getting a little brighter so we figured it was a good a time as any to head to the river.

The boat was pretty cool!  Ben had a fun time getting to control it for awhile.  A guy was fishing and very patiently pulling in a catch.  We watched and watched.  Hid line ended up breaking which was a big bummer because it sure seemed like it was a big fish!

We strolled along the shore and threw sticks in the river.  Sun was beginning to make an appearance and we were warming up.  After some time at the river we headed back for lunch.

Scott and Ben had bought a Can Jam game so we decided to get that out and it ended up being a lot of fun!  I have a lot of bruises on my hands from all the slamming.  That Frisbee is really hard 🙂


George got out the Jarts (the outlawed your going to kill someone these are no longer legal) yard darts.  The kids were so excited!  The new kind…the safe kind…are not fun at all.  We have those in the RV and they are okay but they don’t hold a candle to the original death spears 🙂


The boat was having a problem so George and Ben were trying to figure it out


We also played a long game of Frisbee.  I forget how fun that simple game is.  Ben and George had some shooting time (another thing you can do in their yard…seriously…does it get any better????)

A great dinner with lots of funny stories and good food.  Time with family is a gift.  I feel so very thankful!   The rest of the evening was spent playing Make Me Laugh and 20 questions.


Shooting time with uncle George


Headed home in the morning and I can hardly believe that a month has passed.  It will be good to be home, see our little (or not so little) kitty Oskar and to settle into our home routine.  It is always a bitter sweet thing to end these trips.  I know we are incredibly fortunate to be able to take this time.  I know that these memories will be cherished by each of us for years to come and I know that time moves swiftly.

Thank you to all who bothered to read along on our adventures as I document these days.  Thank you for praying for our safety.

Off to Bellingham bright and early.


Gizmo is having fun but will go bonkers when he gets to run in his yard!


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