July 6, 2016 One more tire down, Silverwood and Aftershock

Well the rain is pouring down, hard. Bummer! I am hoping that it is not the same in Athol! We did pull out at 7:45 am and hit the road. POURING down rain! Yuck! About an hour into the drive the rain let up and it was just really overcast. Beautiful, beautiful countryside! I really love Montana.

When we had just about made it to Idaho and we stopped at a rest area. Scott had noted on the drivers side rear tire that it looked like it was beginning to fail. We checked it out and it was well on its way…just like the other side. Hmm, what to do. We had 60 miles until Coeur d’Alene Idaho so that is where we must make it to. With some prayers before takeoff we were on our way. I guess one thing we have going for us is that it is a dual wheel so if it blows out we will still have one good tire to stabilize us.

God brought us to Coeur d’Alene with no problems, thank you Lord for your protection! We ended up at a Les Schwab and what was supposed to take an hour took two. Well, it was better than being stranded on the side of the freeway waiting on AAA to tow us to town.


Another tire shop, thankful to be here!


We walked to Jimmy Johns and had a sub while we waited. With the RV all fixed up and ready to go we were on the road to our final destination.

Silverwood is a really great family theme park. They have an RV park right next to the parking area so it’s an easy walk into the park. This is a big deal when you have no car that you are towing and a dog. We were able to get all set and plugged in, dog walked and we are off to ride the rides. They have a water park side and a ride side (similar with Enchanted Village and Wild Waves if you have ever been there) we got a really late start (3pm) so we hit the rides first. The skies had cleared and we were enjoyed a comfortable 74 degrees. Perfect! The biggest ride in the park, The Aftershock, is where we were headed . The kids had done their research and they wanted to ride this 65 mph ride. It goes straight up then you drop going forwards and backwards, there are upside down parts and loops. Not my idea of fun!!! Ben , Katherine and Scott got into line.   Ellie wasn’t tall enough but I don’t think even if she was she would have gone 🙂 Ellie and I watched and waited to see them take on this crazy ride. We spotted them and watched as they went straight up backwards and then came zooming down towards the ground. Yikes!!! When they got off they were all fairly jazzed about the ride. Scott did have some reservations but overall it was good 🙂


This is the scary ride…the Aftershock



Whew!  They made it!


Next stop was the Timber Terrors. This was a long wooden roller coaster with lots of hills. I have become a super roller coaster wimp. Seriously. I don’t know why but I can no longer handle the feeling of dropping and losing my stomach. I guess its just because I’m older or I don’t have that sensation often, I don’t know but I sure am not a fan of it. Ellie and I were together in a seat. I was getting a bit nervous but really, this looked like a pretty tame coaster compared to what Scott just endured. We began to climb the hill. You know the drill, the clickity clack sound….the one they create to build the anxiety with each passing foot. Climbing higher and higher. Clickity clack, clickity clack, you may have a heart attack, clickity clack, clickity clak, you’re too far in no turning back. The top is reached, we go around a little corner then we drop. Ohhhhhh my stomach. I couldn’t even scream because I don’t think I was breathing. In my mind I know I am not going to die but my mind is not working. I am going to die! We get to the bottom of that hill of terror, then up and down more and more. What crazy person came up with this. Ellie screams at me “I hate this!!!” I agree fully! The last hill came and went and we jerked to a halt. Thank you Lord for sparing my life. I am done…no more coasters for this girl!


Why am I so wimpy I do not know. I am so thankful that Scott likes them and Katherine is catching up to Ben in her need for speed so Ellie and I can ride the kiddy rides 🙂


We did the log ride as a family which was fun and the kids rode more fun, spinning machines, the bumper cars were a hit and the Round Up was Ellie’s favorite.

We went on the soaker ride where you get in a big round boat thing and go down a river.  There are people that stand and watch and can pay a quarter and cause a cannon of water to hit everyone in the boat.  A cannon of water!  We were DRENCHED by a 5 year old little boy who’s mother was telling him when to push the button.  What kind of kid are you raising lady?  So it was 15 seconds into the ride and we were so wet.  Big drops with waves of water flowing over, under and all around you. At the end of the ride we were so wet we decided to all go again.  The day had turned warm and nice but when you are completely wet head to toe you are cold.  We tried to dry off and then Scott took Ben and Katherine on more rides and Ellie and I went on a dry clothes run back to the RV.


Never can get enough dogs for these two!


Once we were all dry we grabbed some dinner in the park (actually not terrible food or too expensive) we have 1 1/2 hours left so we hit the ground running.  More coasters and crazy machines that take you to the top of a peak and then drop you,  the RoundUp again and then ended our night with a little kids roller coaster that was way more my speed 😉

We all enjoyed our time at the park then headed to our RV and turned on the heat…first time we had to use that.  The time spent here was so fun and we are all tired and ready for bed.

We are off to Kettle Falls, Wa. to visit my Aunt and Uncle.  The kids can’t wait!  We always have so much fun!


2 thoughts on “July 6, 2016 One more tire down, Silverwood and Aftershock

  1. We camped at Silverwood about two years ago. It was a perfect place. The campground was nothing special but like they say…location…location…location.

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