July 4-5, 2016 Fireworks, nachos and Singing around the campfire

We are on our way to Polson, Montana which is at the southern end of Flathead Lake. The 375 mile drive was lovely. I have always liked Montana. The hills and trees and the green landscape are so beautiful. The drive seemed to last forever but there are just days like that. We arrived early in hopes to see the parade that goes down Main Street for the 4th of July. Unfortunately we were a bit too late and just found a lot of full streets of cars and no where to park 🙂 We opted to stop at the grocery store and get a few things and pick up some fried chicken from the deli. Doesn’t get much better than that..am I right? We did enjoy the simple lunch on the side of the road in our RV. We were able to check into our RV park early which was great. We hadn’t made any reservations for the 4th of July as of a few days ago. We were not sure where we may be on that date. Once we realized we would be in Polson I got on the phone to a few different parks. There was no availability at one and there was one spot left at the KOA. Of course it was the SUPER PREMIUM site….translation: WAAAAYYY too expensive but what are we to do? There is a lake view and a pool. We decided that we would take it. If we are going big at least we will be looking out at the lake 🙂


Premium view…pretty great thing to wake up to!


We enjoyed some time at the pool and the sand volleyball court. The boys played a little basketball and Gizmo ran around and played in the dog park.


Game on!


Katherine even whipped up some bbq nachos for us…they were delish!


The area is very nice and our spot is super premium for sure. We had a nice dinner on the concrete patio looking out at the lake.

The rodeo grounds were really close and they put on a great fireworks show at 10:30pm. Ben was moaning and groaning all afternoon about not being able to shot off fireworks 🙂 We have only missed a couple of 4th of Julys at our beach house. We definitely will not miss it next year. Our little pyrotechnic won’t let us.

I was toast by the time the evening was done (all that know me know that my brain shuts off at 8pm) we all climbed into bed and called it a night. We will be here one more night so we plan on enjoying a lazy morning with a real breakfast.

So thankful for this time and for this country where we live.

The next morning was nice and slow on the go. Scott made a great breakfast complete with sausage, bacon, eggs and toast. After our fill of home cooked food we all just hung out. The kids played some more volleyball (their rendition of it) and walked Gizmo around. The girls met a sweet little girl from Texas that they played a game of clue with.

We all walked into town and then ended up eating on the deck of al local grill. The view was great and we were the only ones on the deck for the majority of our time. We ate a pizza that was really good and enjoyed looking out over the lake.


Bananagrams and SkipBo are our family favorites this time.


Flathead lake is a beautiful color of blue. We never got to swim in it but my guess is that it is really cold! The lake is 25 miles long and 15 miles wide with a depth up to 300 feet.

Back at the RV park we let the kids swim with their new found friends (love how kids make friends so easily!) and then had them playing SkipBo at our patio table. Once they had to go we all decided to catch the singing group that was going to be around the firepit. They are called The Singing Sons of Beaches…hmmm, creative name 🙂 Not sure what to expect but hey, its something to do.

Singing sons of beaches

The singing around the fire…the tiki cup is not ours.  They were a funny bunch of guys!


It was really fun actually! They were hilarious! A comedy act that sang songs that they have made up from popular tunes. I think our favorite was My Colorectal Surgeon. Creative lyrics that kept us all laughing!

The “entertainment” lasted until 10pm and then we headed to bed. Tomorrow we are leaving by 7am to head to Athol, Idaho and visit Silverwood Theme Park. The kids are soooo excited!


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