July 3, 2016 Driving, soccer and SkipBo

On our way to Butte Montana for the night. We got on the road before 9am and had a very uneventful drive. The weather was sunny and warm. A few stops along the way including a gas fill up and lunch at Costco. By the time we were about 20 miles outside of Butte the black clouds had moved in and the rain and wind had started up. We pulled off at one point to see if we could wait out the major downpour.

We checked into our KOA in Butte about 4pm. The skies had cleared and the sun was warming us up again. A trip to the pool, which was amazingly not crowded, and some time playing Soccer before dinner. Scott and the kids played more soccer then we all enjoyed a walk. There is this huge statue up on one of the hills in Butte. If you have ever been through here you may have noticed it. It is a GIANT statue of Mary. It took almost 6 six years for the organizers to raise the funds and build the statue. They air lifted it in sections and now she stands watch over the city with a light on her through the night. She weights over 50 tons. Pretty sight to see at night all lit up and seemingly glowing on the top of the hill.

We played a couple games of SkipBo and Bananagrams and watched fireworks all around shooting up into the sky. It was a fun evening. They had a city firework show that went on for a long time over the other hill top that had a huge lit up M on it. Unfortunately there were trees in our way so we would have had to go outside to catch it and the mosquitoes were so bad we opted out. Tomorrow night we will be in Polson, Montana at the southern end of Flathead Lake so we are hoping to see their show a little better.

We finally got into be around 11pm. Not too eventful of a day but a good one all the same 🙂


2 thoughts on “July 3, 2016 Driving, soccer and SkipBo

  1. When are you scheduled to be back in Bellingham or have you decide to live on the road since you are having so much fun?

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