June 30, 2016 Lots of driving, Grebble and Bum Tires

Well, we are now trying to get to South Dakota to visit the Badlands National Park. The only thing that stands in our way is the rest of Kansas and Nebraska 🙂  We got out of the RV park and on the road at 8:30am.  The plan is that Scott is going to drive aver 400 miles.  That is exactly what we did…drive the long and straight roads for a really long time.  To break it up we went to an old hamburger place near where we got gas.  They bragged on their milkshakes and German Grebble. We got a few burgers, shakes and one order of Grebble.  Turns out it is basically a German donut…yum!  The burgers and shakes were a good break and then off again.


We arrived at our RV park around 5pm. The place was definitely old but in great shape and well cared for.  It even had a pool in the shape of Nebraska 🙂  The benefit to old was also the trees.  Lots of big shady trees. There are few of these off the freeway RV stops that have adequate shade.  Katherine was determined to see the “exercise room” .  The machines in there were probably from the time this place was built…I’d say the 60’s.  Funny how much joy they get out of playing on dangerous physical fitness equipment!


Who knew exercise could be this fun 🙂


They also had an old school park with all the death trap toys I played on…you know, the crazy spinny toy like the one we played on early in our trip.  Ben obviously didn’t learn the first time and got sick feeling after Scott gave him a “ride” on the carousel.  After the kids were done swimming I had them all rinse off.  Katherine was already in the RV and Ellie and I were in the restroom.  Ben got done before we did and was trying to freak Katherine out “Hey let me in!  I know you’re in there” (sweet brother) Well, this threat turned into “Katherine, let me in.  I think a bird just pooped on my head!”  Katherine didn’t believe him therefor didn’t let him in.  Ellie and I then show up and he did in fact get a big poo right on the head!  So funny!  We laughed and laughed 🙂  He headed back to the shower.


Love the old metal slides!


We all walked around the park that night, always fun to see where people come from.  At our return I was outside talking with Katherine and Ellie and noticed that our rear tire on the passengers side had a big chunck out of it!  Oh boy…that is not good.  You could actually see the metal belt of the tire underneath.


Oh boy..bummer!!!


This was going to change our plans for take off tomorrow.  Scott talked to the office manager and got a place that we could head to in the morning and see if we could get in.  We felt so thankful for God’s goodness.  So many of the roads we drove today were just long stretches that would have been very bad to be on the side of the road with a blow out.  Wow, I am just so very thankful!!!  We have felt so blessed to be on this journey and this was just such a sweet gift, honestly it was…it was just chance that I looked at the tire.  We had eaten dinner at the table right there, sat around and chatted right there and then at the end of the evening I just looked down….just by chance.

We all enjoyed the evening then off to bed.  Getting up early and saying our prayers that the tires we need are at this shop.


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