July 2, 2016 Straight roads, North Dakota and an Oil Change

The RV was over 4,000 miles since the last oil change so we left early hoping to get into the Ford dealer for an quick in and out in Rapid City that is about an hour away.  On the road by 7:15am.  The Ford dealer said no go so we stopped at Camping World (right near Bellingham Dr. 🙂 ) and that was also a no go.  We then stopped at Napa and Scott got the oil and filter and decided he would do it himself at our next stop…Miles City, Montana.

We wanted to go straight north so that we could go into NOrth Dakota .  We have now covered much of the US in our RV.  Our little sticker map is getting filled up.

The drive north was long…once again.  Probably the straightest roads we have seen yet.  Scott didn’t have to turn for miles and miles!

We made a stop in one little town that was all of a block long.  They had a little road side park that we pulled off to.  A little roadside calisthenics and then a family game of tag and we were good to get going again.

The sunshine was out today and the temperature was definitely rising.  Continuing down the road we did end up crossing into North Dakota.  Yay!


We are done with the western half of the USA!

We stopped in Bowman, North Dakota for a shake at a local old greasy spoon and had lunch in the RV.  Only a couple of hours left and we will be staying in Miles City, Montana.

The RV park is very well kept and clean.  Great deal at $27/night. Nice cool pool for a swim.  The kids were so funny in the pool. Ben was telling the girls how to swim across the pool.  It was very entertaining!  Meanwhile Scott changed the oil on the RV and then we had a simple dinner and some TV and off to bed.  Tomorrow we are headed to Butte, Montana.


So lovely despite the straight roads for miles at a time


This has been such a great trip and we have enjoyed all that we have seen and done.  Looking forward to being home and seeing friends and family but we are not rushing it.  These kids are growing too quickly and it makes my heart burst to hear laughter and silliness!

Looking forward to the next week and getting to visit my aunt and uncle to finish off our travels.


We had some crazy thunder and lightning storms in the evening


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