June 26, 2016 Capital of Texas, Frappuccinos and Pet Wash

We said goodbye to San Antonio and we were on our way thru Austin to stay in Waco, Texas.  All our suits and towels that hung outside overnight were still really damp (shocking when the humidity level is thru the roof :)) so I put those in the shower, we packed up our things and drove away about 9:30am.  Costco was our first stop on the list.  Easily found one just 30 minutes away and filled up with gas ($1.94/gallon!) and then filled up our fridge.  The tricky part to getting supplied thru Costco is just absorbing the goods into the RV.  After about 15 minutes of working and reworking I had it all packed in.  Next stop Camping World for a windshield cover that would increase our interior space and help keep up cooler when we are parked at an RV Park.  It seems the shade around these parts is hard to come by and we end up with these spots that get all the evening sun.  At home this would be glorious, here…not so much.  Our AC unit is working overtime.  Now we are off to see the Capital Building in Austin.  Being that it is Sunday the parking on the street was free and we found a great shady spot right by the Capital.  We took Gizmo with us considering the heat of the day and walked into the lovely grounds surrounding the building.  Numerous statues and a cannon and even the neatest drinking fountain were all fun to see and read about.  We saw the tribute to the Alamo and snapped a few pictures in front of the building.  Unfortunately this weekend was one of two that the building was closed for renovation so we were not able to go in and see the dome.  This is such a lovely building so that was a bummer but at least we could take I the outside and the park area.  We looked thru the visitors center and then went in search of a cool treat.  Not far away was a Starbucks and we all decided to do that even though our first thought was ice cream but it was just so hot that the idea of hunting around did not appeal to any of us.  It has been years since I have had a Frappuccino and it seemed especially delicious today 🙂

We did not explore any more of Austin even though there was a lot the city had to offer.  We needed to get to Waco before it was too late.  It is a good thing we left when we did , there was terrible traffic and tons of road work.


Beautiful church on a corner…


The drive took us far longer than we had expected and we did not settle into our new digs until 7pm.  The highlight of the park is the dog wash…yes, a dog wash.  Let me clarify that this was a highlight for Katherine and Ellie mainly…Gizmo didn’t find it so thrilling 🙂  It was super cute watching them wash him all up.  He was really pretty dirty since we camped in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Our campground there was all dirt which he chose to lay in instead of on our RV matt that we put out.  They cleaned him all up and then we went to check out the pool.  Really nice pool…much nicer than you would expect from this particular park.  The park is okay..RIGHT off the freeway…I mean right off the freeway.  The AC drowns out the semi truck sounds most of the time.


Happy to play dog groomer



Gizmo was trying as hard as possible to squeeze his head through the fence pickets 🙂


The spots are pretty run down but the pool is one of the nicest we have seen.  We all enjoyed swimming around and we were about done  when a group came in with their cooler full of Keystone and cigarettes hanging out of their mouth.  I tried to be okay with it…but once they were swimming with the cigarettes still in their mouths and their foam covered cans held above the water I was done.  We still hadn’t eaten dinner so we should get going anyways….


Our main reason for visiting Waco…Chip and Joanna Gaines


We finished up all our left overs (the extra fajita mix made three more fajitas!) and watched Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.  Funny ending to our day.  Tomorrow we are headed to Magnolia Silos shop to see what fun things we can find.  It sounds like a neat place to visit with a grassy lawn area with games, a garden, food trucks and of course the store full of neat home décor items.  I have been really looking forward to this!


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