June 23, 2016 On to San Antonio

Today we left camp after a hearty breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs and toast.  We have about 5-6 hours of driving ahead of us.

The temperature was already reaching into the 80’s by the time we pulled out at 9:30am. We are now on our way to San Antonio, Texas.  We are looking forward to visiting various missions around the area as well as the Alamo.  The River Walk also sounds like a fun place to check out.  The RV park we are going to stay is right across from one of the bus stops so we will be taking the bus downtown and go from there.  Gizmo will have to hold down the fort for us while we are away.  Thank goodness we have AC that will be cranking the whole time we are gone!  Gizmo has really been a great travel companion so far.  He hasn’t gotten as much exercise as he is used to but has handled it fine.  We try and really run him in the parks that have fenced in areas for dogs.


Apparently the highway we took into Texas yesterday wasn’t important enough to have a welcome to Texas sign so I took a picture of the one at our RV park 🙂

The drive was LOOOOONNNNGGG again.  Heading pretty far east and south in Texas.  Wow, this state is huge…I mean I always knew Texas was big but after really checking out the map and driving for hours through it I am a believer 🙂


The western part of Texas is very hilly with many land plateaus, green trees dot the landscape along with some cactus with little pink tops on them.  The road kept going and the towns were few and far between.  Not much else out there really.  A few stops here and there to stretch and we made it to the RV park around 4:30pm.  We plan on calling this home for the next three nights.  Our spot is okay…not much shade but I don’t know if you can get enough shade in this crazy hot and humid heat.  I feel like such a northwesterner 🙂

Of course the pool was the first to do on the list.  It was not nearly as refreshing as it should have been.  Nice to at least get wet and hope the wind would give you a chill.  The kids swam for about an hour then we had dinner, the kids biked and swam again. There was even a lighting bug capture!  How fun 🙂


Beautiful clouds at sunset


Tomorrow we will be taking the bus into town and seeing what we can see.  Thanks so much for reading!


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