June 25, 2015 The last post of the trip is always hard to get done….

It was hot early in Moses Lake WA…the temperature was already 75 degrees at 8am. Apparently the next day or two were to top out at 107 degrees…glad we are out of here 🙂


Ben using a foot pump to blow up a big float for everyone to sit on in the lake.

The long straight and narrow road took us over mountains, next to the Columbia river, over Snoqualmie Pass and to Auburn WA. where we planned on surprising our niece and nephews with a quick overnight visit. Scott and I had to tell our kids where we were going since they would keep asking things and we had to keep on lying. They were so excited to see their cousins.


Silas showing us the huge dead dragon fly that Ben found.

We decided to go to my parents house even though they weren’t home since they have a big house and it’s on a lake (a real treat in this weather). We drove into their driveway not long after my sis and the kids arrived. Scott honked the horn and we Ben, Katherine and Ellie came piling out of the RV. Anna and Silas were super surprised! I do love surprising people with fun stuff! They immediately got to playing and having fun! The lake is not too big so it warms up quickly. The weather has been so great that was already up to the July temperatures.

We had fun watching the kids swim and floating on a big raft thing. Ben even was able to catch a little fish with his pole. Not big enough to keep but the thrill of hooking something was pretty cool.

The afternoon was pretty much spent in and out of the water having fun. My brother in law came back from work and we all enjoyed dinner together.


Floating on the “relaxation station” and enjoying the super hot temperatures!

One more swim in the lake and then we let all the cousins watch a movie together. Everyone stayed at mom and dads house so we could see each other in the morning.


The morning we are heading back to Bellingham. Beautiful weather!!!

The day began full of sunshine and warm weather. Crazy…loving it! The kids swam yet some more and we got packed up and ready to go. Deciding our time with cousins just wasn’t enough we took Anna and Silas home with us for a few nights.

So our road trip comes to an end. It will be nice to get home but also sad that we won’t be waking up somewhere else tomorrow. Hopefully we will have some short trips this summer and we may be planning another big trip for next summer….keep you posted! Thanks so much for even reading about our travels!


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