June 22, 2015 Racing, putting and water soaking day!


The mini golf course was so neat! They even died the water an aqua blue.


The water towel and all the features made this a fun course to walk around.

The sun greeted us to our last full day in Glacier National Park. We had a great, level campsite and I slept the best I have since arriving here. With no set plans for our day we took the morning slow. We had to return our car back to Whitefish (about 25 miles away) by 2pm so we decided to hang out and until 11:30 and then head out.


Caught her asking where to go 🙂 She looked much more confident as the laps went on!


Notice Scott egging him on with a wave? I think Ben passed him a lap later.

Along the road to Whitefish there are all kinds of activities you can do. They have rafting, horse riding, zip lines, a house of mystery (sounds a little sketch to me) and a fun center with mini golf, bumper boats etc. After returning the car we decided to check out the activity center. It was a reasonable price for the kids and Scott to do mini-golf, race car driving, bumper boats and this giant maze they had. I paid to just go on the bumper boats…how can you resist those?

They started on mini golf. It was the neatest course. So much detail in the design and each hole was different and creative. The kids loved it and they did pretty good! There were no hole in ones but it was close a few times.


Soooo wet after the family bumper boat war!

Next was racing the little gas powered race cars around a track. Katherine just made the cut with her height so she could drive one alone! She was nervous and excited about it. Scott and Ellie teamed up and Ben had his own car…he was ready to bring the speed! DSC01616The other great thing about this place was that we were pretty much the only ones there! Everything we did it was just our family. Everyone got into their cars and the kid gave them the rules and then they pulled the starter cord on the engines and they were off. Katherine looked panicked at first. She raced out of the pit and her confidence was building, the first lap she was worried about where she was supposed to go. “Just keep going around the loop!” I hollered. Yeah, she was feeling better now. I got a kick out of watching her cruise around lap after lap. Ben was in hot pursuit of Scott and Ellie and finally caught him after about 4 laps. They were able to drive for about 10 minutes. It was so fun to watch!DSC01617


This shows about 1/10th of the maze. It was really huge!

Next we decided bumper boats would be fun so that we could get a little wet before they did the huge maze. They could all stay cooler that way. It was about 77 degrees out so we all thought that sounded good. Once again it was just us. We all picked our boats and the girl running it told me to take a particular boat because it shot low. I didn’t understand the significance of that until the ride was underway. These little boats had a squirting pistol in the handlebars so that you could move (slowly) through the water while soaking your victim. Scott started soaking me before I was even released from the dock…that’s it buddy! I quickly went after him and realized how awesome it was to have a low shooting water pistol 🙂 I could get right up to him and aim at the face..ahhh,ha,ha (did that come across at an evil laugh?) at one point Scott yells over to Ben “Ben….stay single!” It was all in good fun of course 🙂DSC01627


Yay Katherine!


Mud dino eggs ready to throw!

There was no mercy for or from anyone. No family bond that caused anyone to second guess a pistol of water to the face or in the ear. We were all ruthless…even little Ellie! Her boat malfunctioned and stopped squirting and she was quick to go get in another soaking machine. The kids were laughing so hard. We were on that ride for at least 10 minutes. Any idea how soaked you can get in 10 minutes? Well, lets just say that we had no dry parts left. My hair was dripping! We unloaded off of the boats and then immediately laid down on the warm pavement. How happy we were that we had the RV and we could retreat and change before the maze! We put our drying rack in the parking lot and hung our clothes out to dry while they tried to conquer the maze. This maze is huge! As you enter you time stamp your card then you have to find your way to four different towers to get a stamp. One has an M, an A, a Z and an E. Once you’ve gotten those you have to find the exit and then time stamp your card again to see how well you did. They were off. Scott and Ellie teamed up and Ben and Katherine were on their ownDSC_1899. Katherine was frazzled about 5 minutes in because she had only gotten one stamp and everyone else had two. Scott and Ellie were doing great. Ben was having a rough go and then the employee told him he went down the wrong side of one of the towers. He found his way back and went down the other side and continued on. Katherine all of a sudden popped up at another tower, then another, then the last one…she finished!  Only 18 minutes!  Go Katherine, she definitely didn’t get my sense of direction…I would have been in there forever!  Scott and Ellie were next with 24 minutes and Ben with 30 minutes.  Such a fun stop to make!  We all truly enjoyed ourselves.  They had a white board near the concessions window with high and low scores.  Katherine beat the lowest time score on the board!  I told the overly enthusiastic (said dripping with sarcasm) teenage employee and she erased the previous name and put Katherines name up.  Proud moment 🙂

We headed back into Glacier and decided to just enjoy the campsite, some dinner and a fire.  Ben whittled a really long stick into a point to roast his marshmallow.  It looked ridiculous!  I told him he could roast a marshmallow on the neighbors fire if we weren’t having one 🙂


Giganta smores stick. Katherine was the mallow spotter. She had to tell him when to turn so he didn’t burn his smore 🙂

They all made mud pies in the dirt..actually they ended up making more like dinosaur eggs.  They then threw them at the trees to watch them explode.  There was a downed tree that they were using as a balance beam and they all walked Gizmo around the campground. All in all a pretty fun evening.

Still trying to nail down our plans for the next couple of days but thinking we are heading south to Philipsburg, MT to find sapphires.  The actual mine is closed tomorrow but the store is open where they sell you a bucket of mine gravel and give you the tools to sift it and find some sapphires to keep.  The kids are looking forward to it!  Then to Missoula for the night.  A lot of driving but we wanted to go somewhere we haven’t been and do something different than we have before.  Just a couple of nights left of the trip and it seems like its just flown by.

Thanks for reading and following us on this journey.  It has been a great time with the kids and Gizmo has done a really great job, he’s really been no trouble at all.

Until tomorrow!


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