June 21, 2015 Father’s day!


Papa Bear with all his cubs.

Happy Fathers day to Scott and my dad!

The sun was shining when we woke…later than we would have liked 🙂 It seems to go this way on these trips. We start out getting up early and by the end we are rollin out of bed after 7am. Just relaxed I guess.

I was able to talk to my dad and tell him I love him which was great! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful father and such a wonderful husband who is an awesome dad to our kids!


This is the bear mug Scott really liked…much to my dismay 🙂

We didn’t really have any big plans for the day. Scott wanted to look into renting a little motor boat to take on Lake McDonald or maybe go do a hike…we will see.


Ellie found this bug on our car. Check out those antennas!

The kids came out with cards and gifts in hand, excited to watch him open them up. We had made specific trips back to the gift shop for each of them to get a little something with their money for him. Katherine was so excited to give him a stick that Ben had whittled. All along they “played” that it was for Katherine…so cleaver 🙂 She also got him some chocolate (always a hit). Ellie gave him some Rolo’s and Ben bought him a card game all about animal poo. Yes, poo! He was laughing so hard! The tag line on the box say “The game of trumps and dumps”. Scott got a kick out of it which made Ben’s day. We gave him a couple other things and then enjoyed a yummy egg, hash brown and bacon breakfast.

We had to move sites so Scott and I got all things packed up while Ben and Ellie played the poo game….Ellie was laughing pretty hard at times!

Our new site is nice a level..ahhh. Our last one had such an angle that even with all our blocks under the front we were headed a bit downhill. With camp set up we headed to the lake to first see about some mini doughnuts that they make until noon, then rent a boat.

Well, no doughnuts for today…machine broke. Bummer, but better for our waistline. We decided to rent a boat for a couple of hours instead. The sun was shining and we got all our gear and set out. Ellie and Ben tried fishing for awhile but no bites. The guy at the dock said fish are just hard to catch in this lake. We traveled along the shore for some time looking for any signs of wild life. We really want to see a darn moose! Nothing….no birds even. Oh well…lovely just the same. DSC_1741The water is the most gorgeous color of blue! Ben and Katherine got to drive the boat a bit which they loved. Katherine was tenative at first but got the hang of it, Ben just wanted to go fast…which wasn’t too fast really. This boat probably topped out at 15mph.DSC_1749

There were a few home on the lake….not sure if they are owned by the park or what. We cruised around and just enjoyed the time on the water. After our two hours were over we got back to the dock and asked the guy where to find moose. He said they have seen them at Two Medicine lake in east Glacier, about an hour or so away. Well, that is closer than the other place that is two and a half hours. We hop in our car and head into west Glacier in search of a milk shake (one of Scott and the kids favorite things). We see a sign for an estate sale so we head there and I buy a great french press for just $5. I was just wanting one for the rv. There was a restaurant there that had a little soda counter that you could sit at and have a milk shake or pie or something sweet. We all grabbed a swivel stool and ordered some milk shakes.DSC_1813


Driving the boat and loving it!

After talking for a bit we decided to try to drive to Two Medicine Lake and see if we could spot a moose. It’s the only place we have heard of that is somewhat close. They say dawn and dusk are the likely times to see them. I vote for dusk…getting the kids up at dawn and driving there would not be fun. We figure we can see the east entrance this way and maybe have a father’s day dinner out on that side.

All ready to go we set off. Our eyes are peeled the whole time. Scott says that if we see a moose we can turn around and go back. Ellie immediately say “Moose!” She was not so happy about this decision to ride in the car for an hour in search of this elusive animal. Unfortunately there was no moose….at all on the drive. The east entrance was cool, there was a huge lodge and a golf course. The drive to the lake was pretty as well. We arrived lakeside and decided that our odds were not good. We really should have brought binoculars. Scott, Ben and Katherine walked a little while on a trail that went alongside the lake but didn’t see anything. It was getting quite a bit darker out. Well…we tried 🙂 Heading back into east Glacier we found a great Mexican restaurant. The place was hopping and we ended up getting seated around 7:45pm. The food was delicious! Well, no moose but a great meal 🙂DSC_1838DSC_1839DSC_1834

The drive back to camp gave us some stunning sky colors as the sun was setting. I love how God paints the sky at day break and the evening each day. The thin clouds were lit up red and pink. All in all we had a wonderful day celebrating Scott and enjoying our time as a family. We will see a moose someday…it just wasn’t in the cards today.


Yummmmm, chocolate shakes!


Beautiful way to end our day!

Tomorrow we are going to do a little hike and then return our rental car.

We have one last night at Glacier then we are headed somewhere…..we will see!


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